What is Addiction Solitaire?

Addiction Solitaire is a solitaire card game where the object of the game is to organize each of the 4 rows of cards with each type of suit, organized by the deuce card to the King card.  An example would be placing 2 of Hearts to King of Hearts on the same row and the same idea for the other rows but in different suits. 

How to play Addiction Solitaire?

After the deal, the Aces of each suit are removed to create four unfilled positions. 
Move a card into one of these unfilled positions by clicking a card that has a green border around it and then click to the appropriate spot of where you want the card to be filled;
Only one card can fill an unfilled position, and this card has to be one value greater than the card to its left and must be of the same suit
The deuce card must be filled on the first column only
Keep doing this until you meet the object of the game

All possible cards that can be filled will always be bordered in green
You can reshuffle the cards up to 3 times if you get stuck
Reshuffling will not affect cards that are already placed in the correct 2, 3, 4 to King sequence of the same suit

Since the Aces are removed in the beginning, the last column should be unfilled
No cards can be filled on the last column after the King card
You have 10 minutes to meet the objective

Have fun!